All Star Newsletter

Coach Sunny has gotten her own apartment!! We are helping collect furniture and home essentials donations for her at this time. Please reach out to Valarie at if you have any furniture or home essentials you would like to contribute.

Slim Chickens is having a gift card competition, so keep them in mind the next couple of weeks when you’re ordering Scrip. It’s a great 10% rebate and great food!

We hope you are selling your football squares booklets! If you feel unable to sell the 6 booklets you received, please feel free to return them to a board member between 5-8pm Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday during the 2 week break. There is no obligation to purchase all of the books in your packet unless you lose them.

We hope you have been bringing in your gently used SHOES for our community project and fundraiser! We have over 3300 shoes already. We would love to have some businesses put collections boxes out during this holiday season, so if you own a business or are able to speak to someone at your company, please consider doing so.

We are so excited about our home meet, the All American Invite! The meet schedule and volunteer sign up is out, so if you haven’t signed up for your 3 sessions AND a set up or tear down, please do so right away. Our volunteer coordinator will be following up with all those who are missing their required sessions.

Thank you to our sponsors for our Invitational:

B-I-N-G-O!! We love Bingo Night and are excited to have January 22nd on the calendar! The past few years have been an absolute blast, so bring your family for a great time! You’ll want to get there between 5:15 and 6 to get your dobbers and snacks. 75% of the night’s profits go to the Club and you could win some cash, too!

Here’s a quick recap of upcoming dates:

January 14-16 – AAI

Jan 22 – Bingo Night

Jan 28-30 – Legacy, Minneapolis (DP)

Jan 30 – Gypsy Flyers, Eagan MN (T&T)

Feb 4-6 – Classic Rock, Phoenix (DP)

Feb 18-20 – Winter Wonderland, Corallville (DP, Xcel, T&T)

March 11-13 – River City, Yankton (Xcel)

March 19 – Big Red, Omaha (T&T)

March 25-27 – SD State Meet, Rapid City (DP, Xcel Silver+)

Apr 2 – SD State Meet, Mitchell (Xcel Bronze/Devo)

Apr 3 or 10 – State, Cedar Rapids (T&T)

Apr 21-23 – Regionals, Minneapolis (DP 6-10)

Apr 29-May 1 – Regionals, Milwaukee WI (Xcel Silver +)

May 5-8 – Regionals, Peoria, IL (T&T)

May 12-14 – Westerns (DP L9)

May 19-21 – Nationals (DP L10)

June 1 – Secretary of State report due

Jul 21-24 – Nationals, Phoenix (T&T)

Jul 22-24 – DP camp

Jul 29-30 – Xcel/T&T camp

Make sure you join our Facebook page, All Star Booster Club, for updates and community. Also, check out our new website

The Board and contact information is below:

President, Valarie Kauffman

Vice President of Membership, Jodi Meyer

Vice President of Operations (Meet Director), Leslie Reiner

General Treasurer, Kristi Humpal

Registration Treasurer, Aimee Chase

Secretary & Meet Coordinator, Valarie Kauffman