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**Volunteer Opportunity** If you would like to help plan our Annual Banquet, please reach out to Brittney at

Thank you for your contributions to making All American Invite the biggest and best yet! A hearty thank you to Leslie Reiner, whose countless hours made it all possible.

Please be watching your February account statement for our fundraising credit, and thank you all for the hard work put into making this credit possible. Please see your email for important notes about how these funds can/cannot be used.

Just a reminder to make sure your account is up to date with fees. Aimee does a great job of getting everything entered and sent out, and it is our job as parents to remain diligent to pay any outstanding balances. We never want to have the gym pull an athlete from practice due to an unpaid balance. Please email Aimee with any questions or concerns at

We know you, the booster parents, have lots of questions. We also know the correct board member to answer those questions isn’t always on hand for a quick conversation. As such, we will be holding regular Member Forums. Here’s how they will work:

  • Members wishing to ask a question will submit their topic or question to the President no later than one week before the date of the Forum.
  • The Board will then review all topics submitted to ensure relevance as well as having sufficient time to research and gather the information necessary to address the topic sufficiently and thoroughly.
  • The Member Form will be capped at 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes for committee updates. After the allotted time, the Member Forum will be adjourned.
  • If a topic is accepted, the person who has submitted it will be notified no later than 3 days before the Forum.
  • If a topic is rejected, the person who has submitted it will be notified by email no later than 3 days before the Forum.
  • We will get to as many topics as time allows, and time will be capped at 20 minutes. Each topic will be limited to a specified number of minutes, communicated both before and at the Forum. The time limit shall be determined by the number of topics accepted. Topics will be presented in the order in which they were received by the President.
  • Forum items are informational, and no action will be taken by the Board during the Forum.
  • Reasons topics would be rejected would consist of relevance, jurisdiction, or otherwise. For example, topics pertaining to gym staff or gym decisions are out of jurisdiction and will not be accepted.

Our next Member Forum will take place February 15th  from 5:30-5:50pm, with a committee recap from 5:50-6:00pm. You can submit topics for discussion to with the Subject: Member Forum

The annual State Leo is available for order!! This leotard is OPTIONAL and is for practices only, NOT competitions.

 The Leo is from GK and is a soft matte sublimated fabric, not shiny.  Cost of the Leo is $45.   Leo’s can be purchased on our website through February 7th.  We will have a very limited amount of Leo’s available for purchase for $50 at our state meet in Sioux Falls. This will not be for sale at the State Meet in Sioux City.  Leos can either be picked up at the state meet in Sioux Falls for levels 4-10 & Xcel Gold the weekend of March 25-26 or will be sent with the coaches from your gym for levels 3, Xcel Bronze, and Xcel Silver.

Please refer any questions to:
Power & Grace Gymnastics 605-361-3419

Diamonds Booster Club


Please take a few moments to review the intent behind Gym Sisters and more details.

To avoid damage charges on your competition leotard, please take a moment to review our Leo Care Instructions here:

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Make sure you join our Facebook page, All Star Booster Club, for updates and community. Also, check out our website Thank you for being part of the All Star Team!

The Board and contact information is below:

President, Valarie Kauffman

Vice President of Membership (uniforms and competition leotards), Jodi Meyer

Vice President of Operations (AAI Meet Director), Leslie Reiner

General Treasurer, Kristi Humpal

Registration Treasurer, Aimee Chase

Secretary & Sponsorships, Ali Bolger

Meet Treasurer, Jacqui Meadors

Meet Coordinator (meet registrations), Brittney Slama