What’s happening

Our Flyboy Fundraiser was a great success! We raised $4355!! Congratulations to Ellie Howardson, Collyns Bolger, and Emma Basche on being our Top Sellers and earning a donated prize of a new Gk leo of their choice! This puts our total raised for the year at $8512 – keep up the great work.

Our next fundraiser will be Football Squares kicking off December 12th. More information coming soon.

**Volunteer Opportunity** If you’d like to volunteer to help assemble football squares booklets, please reach out to Kristi at

We will be hosting a What to Expect at a Meet Meeting (including AAI weekend!) on November 16th for all interested families. This meeting is not required, but is HIGHLY encouraged for all families, the new ones especially. We’ll talk hair, undergarments, leo care, where to go when you arrive at a meet, what volunteering at AAI looks like, and so much more. You have a choice of two times for this meeting – 5:30 or 6:30pm.

Just a reminder to make sure your account is up to date with fees. Aimee does a great job of getting everything entered and sent out, and it’s our job as parents to remain diligent to pay any outstanding balances. We never want to have the gym pull an athlete from practice due to an unpaid balance. Please email Aimee with any questions or concerns at

Jackets, leggings, and backpacks should be in soon – we will let you know via the Facebook page when they’re available for pick up. These are charged through your gym’s Jackrabbit account.

 Don’t forget to mark your calendars for our biggest fundraiser and home meet – January 13-15 – (volunteering is mandatory per the gym!!) Just a reminder that sponsorships are a great help to our bottom line by offsetting costs otherwise included in our expenses. We’ve added an Associated Gymnast section and all athletes who have their name on a sponsorship form will be eligible to win a prize from the Pro Shop at the meet!!

Please take a few moments to review the intent behind Gym Sisters and more details.

To avoid damage charges on your competition leotard, please take a moment to review our Leo Care Instructions here:

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Make sure you join our Facebook page, All Star Booster Club, for updates and community. Also, check out our website Thank you for being part of the All Star Team!

The Board and contact information is below:

President, Valarie Kauffman

Vice President of Membership (uniforms and competition leotards), Jodi Meyer

Vice President of Operations (AAI Meet Director), Leslie Reiner

General Treasurer, Kristi Humpal

Registration Treasurer, Aimee Chase

Secretary & Sponsorships, Ali Bolger

Meet Treasurer, Jacqui Meadors

Meet Coordinator (meet registrations), Brittney Slama