All Star Newsletter

Welcome to all our new families! We’re excited to have you join the All Stars!

Competition leotards are overdue and will be charged replacement costs – DP $340 and Xcel/T&T $275. You will see this on your next statement. All overdue accounts are in danger of having their athlete pulled from practices until paid in full.

USAG is open for renewals. Head over to and get your athlete renewed today. You will start seeing emails regarding registration. Please reach out to Brittney at with any questions.

CAMP is coming up and we’re working with the Yakkity Yak Coffee Shack on providing lunches for your athlete during camp. Please be watching for this upcoming information.

We are hosting our second annual golf tournament and would love your involvement! Whether you can sponsor a team or would just like a day on the courses, we want to partner with you! Please see the flyer below and visit to register.

We’re once again hosting our used leo and Spirit Wear sale! Now is the perfect time to go through your closets and donate any used leos and Spirit Wear. If you have current warm ups you would like to sell, please fold and place them in a gallon Ziploc baggy with your athlete’s name as well as the size. You will receive the profits from the sale of current warmups. There will be a drop off basket in the lobby soon!! The sale will be hosted during our open house and is open to all athletes (rec and pre-team), not just current team members.

We will be hosting our annual OPEN HOUSE for all team parents and athletes on September 7th and 8th. Mark your calendar and be sure to attend!! This will be where you’ll get your financial obligations for the year, get your athlete measured for warm ups (new families), and competition leotards.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for our biggest fundraiser and home meet – volunteering is mandatory!!

Here’s a quick recap of upcoming dates:

Jul 21-24 – Nationals, Phoenix (T&T)

Jul 22-24 – DP camp

Jul 29-30 – Xcel/T&T camp

August 5 – Golf Tournament

Sep 7-8 – Open House/Used Leo Sale

Make sure you join our Facebook page, All Star Booster Club, for updates and community. Also, check out our new website

The Board and contact information is below:

President, Valarie Kauffman

Vice President of Membership, Jodi Meyer

Vice President of Operations (AAI Meet Director), Leslie Reiner

General Treasurer, Kristi Humpal

Registration Treasurer, Aimee Chase

Secretary, Ali Bolger

Meet Treasurer, Jacqui Meadors

Meet Coordinator, Brittney Slama