All Star Newsletter

Our first meet is just over a week away! Want to know what to pack in your meet bag and what to expect? Attend our What to Expect at a Meet meeting this Monday, November 29th at 5:30.  Can’t make it?  That’s OK!  All the information can also be found on our website ( under Meet Information.   

****IMPORTANT UPDATE ON WARM UPS****: Due to shipping delays, the arrival of our warm up jackets and leggings has been delayed.   We are hopefully expecting the leggings to arrive prior to HulaFest, and jackets to arrive towards the end of December.  

What does this mean for HulaFest?  The Booster Club and the gym has decided to wear plain black, full length or 7/8th length leggings with NO jacket.   If/When either leggings or jackets arrive before then, we will let everyone know immediately. It may not hurt to see if your daughter has an appropriate pair of black leggings on hand in case our leggings are not here in time.

Or use the link below:!/showRSVPSignUp/20f0f4ea5ae2ba75-aaga

Any unreturned books will be charged to your athlete’s registration account, so make sure you keep good track of them and return any unsold books along with the money for the sold books.

We would love to feature your business at our annual invitational! Check out our website for what each level can offer your business: or email Leslie for more information.

We hope you have been bringing in your gently used SHOES for our community project and fundraiser! We have over 3300 shoes already. We would love to have some businesses put collections boxes out during this holiday season, so if you own a business or are able to speak to someone at your company, please consider doing so.

The All American Invite is set for January 14-16, so mark your calendars now to attend and volunteer. Volunteering is required by the gym, so please start preparing now. It’s going to be another great meet! If you haven’t checked out our new website for the meet, please do so at

B-I-N-G-O!! We love Bingo Night and are excited to have January 22nd on the calendar! The past few years have been an absolute blast, so bring your family for a great time! You’ll want to get there between 5:15 and 6 to get your dobbers and snacks. 75% of the night’s profits go to the Club and you could win some cash, too!

Due to the increase in the number of gymnasts in our state, the South Dakota State Board has opted to have a separate Bronze State Meet in Mitchell on April 2nd, instead of the weekend before in Rapid City. If you would like to opt out of this meet, please email by at It is assumed you will be attending the new Bronze State Meet unless I receive an opt out.

Here’s a quick recap of upcoming dates:

Nov 29 – What to Expect Meeting 5:30

Dec 3-5 – HulaFest, Brookings (DP, Xcel)

Dec 11 – Mock Meet, Omaha (T&T)

Dec 11 – Team Christmas Party 5-8

January 14-16 – AAI

Jan 22 – Bingo Night

Jan 28-30 – Legacy, Minneapolis (DP)

Jan 30 – Gypsy Flyers, Eagan MN (T&T)

Feb 4-6 – Classic Rock, Phoenix (DP)

Feb 18-20 – Winter Wonderland, Corallville (DP, Xcel, T&T)

March 11-13 – River City, Yankton (Xcel)

March 19 – Big Red, Omaha (T&T)

March 25-27 – SD State Meet, Rapid City (DP, Xcel Silver+)

Apr 2 – SD State Meet, Mitchell (Xcel Bronze/Devo)

Apr 3 or 10 – State, Cedar Rapids (T&T)

Apr 21-23 – Regionals, Minneapolis (DP 6-10)

Apr 29-May 1 – Regionals, Milwaukee WI (Xcel Silver +)

May 5-8 – Regionals, Peoria, IL (T&T)

May 12-14 – Westerns (DP L9)

May 19-21 – Nationals (DP L10)

Jul 21-24 – Nationals, Phoenix (T&T)

Jul 22-24 – DP camp

Jul 29-30 – Xcel/T&T camp

Make sure you join our Facebook page, All Star Booster Club, for updates and community. Also, check out our new website